Gerhard van Deventer

Gerhard has twenty years’ Business Development experience on Executive Management level and has consulted to several major enterprises on Business Planning. This includes three years’ experience on Renewable energy Markets, specifically Wind Energy, and Biogas applications. He has extensive experience in global marketing and contract negotiation in at least 45 countries, as well as product development and export.

Dr Joe Molete

Dr Joe Molete

Dr Joe is a motivational speaker, organisational development coach and workshop facilitator. As a passionate, persuasive and dynamic speaker, he plays a key role in supporting and coaching entrepreneurs, and believes that an authentic leader is central to successful enterprise. A front-footed, authentic leader himself, Dr Joe stands upon his coaching philosophy: ‘understand who you are, define what is important to you and be clear about the kind of life you want to live in order to be successful in your personal life and in the boardroom’.

Kevin Wright

Kevan Wright

Kevan is an accredited business coach. He specialises in strategy consulting, with a focus on sales and marketing. Kevan has experience in assisting organisations to recognise and build on their unique selling points and their differentiating value propositions. Kevan’s primary focus lies in performance coaching, where He assists individuals and teams to elevate their workplace performance both for personal satisfaction and company growth. Kevan has had a diverse and successful career that ranged from sales and management to leadership positions, both within the corporate environment and his own businesses.

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