Enterprise & Supplier Development



Our Enterprise & Supplier Development solutions deliver lasting success and tangible benefits. Fetola enables clients to maximise their Scorecard position and meet reporting needs by engaging either our Level Four  empowered organization, our 51% black-female owned employee empowered company, or our Section 21, 125% ED contributing Foundation.

Enterprise Development

Our award-winning ED programmes have consistently delivered exceptional results; these include a 94% long-term survival rate (national average less than 30%), 65% year on year average growth, and the creation and/or maintenance of over 8500 jobs. To learn more have a look at our Fetola Rural Growth Solutions and our Fetola Green Sector Growth Solutions or Contact us directly.

Supplier Development

Fetola have been helping emerging black owned enterprises to enter the corporate supply chain since 2007. Our team will identify critical gaps, earmark enterprises in need of development, implement and measure those changes.

We also have a national pool of suitable black-owned enterprises that could become new value-adding suppliers. To find out more have a look at Fetola Supplier Development Factsheet, or Contact Catherine Wjinberg on cwijnberg@fetola.co.za.

Enterprise Development Fund

We accept ED donations from QSE companies wishing to gain guaranteed points with the confidence of knowing their contributions are making a lasting difference in the economy.  – contact us to learn more


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