Fetola Overview

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Fetola are business growth professionals with 30 years experience. We support the growth of small and medium sized enterprises and assist them to become independent, thriving businesses and qualified suppliers.

We are passionate about creating a more equitable and thriving economy, providing corporate clients with value-adding enterprise & supplier development solutions, and helping SMEs succeed. We deliver results – let us help you deliver yours!


Our History

Fetola was started in 2006 by Catherine Wijnberg, a successful entrepreneur with experience in starting, growing and operating enterprises in five different sectors across three African countries. Fetola has grown rapidly from a small company into a reputable SME specialist with a national reach. We endeavour to set the standards for others to follow, and create long-term relationships with clients seeking something out of the ordinary.

Our Structure

The Fetola group comprises of our implementing agent Fetola Mmoho (Pty) Ltd (level one BEE rating), Fetola Foundation (Section 21, 125% ED contributor) and newly formed Fetola Futures (Pty) Ltd (51% black female, employee shareholding). Fetola is a commercially driven social enterprise, dedicated to making a lasting and positive difference to the nation.

Added Value

Fetola provides added-value to our corporate clients in the form of reputation and brand-building opportunities - using our in-house media team, sponsorship & advertising solutions. Youth, Women and SME audiences are a particular focus.


Our ED programmes, including Legends (which was Old Mutual's flagship ED initiative from 2007 - 2013), have achieved unmatched results, including a 94% business survival rate and 65% year-on-year growth per participant.

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