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Fetola exists in order to make a positive difference in South Africa, by stimulating the growth of the small business sector. Our vision ‘to change lives for the better, forever’ arises from the belief that no-one is fully empowered unless they have the ability to generate the money they need to live.

We see the small business sector, incorporating NGOs and community-based projects, as the ideal vehicle for the sustainable empowerment of people.


Customized programmes

Our successful & visible business support programmes are recognized for moving participants to new and sustainable levels of success, while our youth-focused projects like GAP stand to make a significant difference to social and economic development in South Africa.

Proven methods

We measure our success by the success of the organisations we support and the positive impact of our programmes. We have developed several innovative tools and templates to monitor, measure and make visible the outcomes of our work - click here to see some of our recent Results.

Added value

We believe that ED & CSI should be a value-creating activity rather than simply a cost centre, an investment that must provide measurable results and returns. In addition to us facilitating several private-public sector partnerships on behalf of our clients, our in-house media team generated almost R6-million in positive, unweighted media coverage for stakeholders in 2013 alone.

BEE Scorecard solutions

Fetola manages a growing Enterprise development fund on behalf of clients looking to earn BEE points through investing in sustainable, visible and high-impact programmes. This is an ideal solution for smaller companies wishing to invest in ED & CSI initiatives that are making a real impact.

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