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Fetola exists in order to make a positive difference in South Africa, by stimulating the growth of the small business sector. Our vision ‘to change lives for the better, forever’ arises from the belief that no-one is fully empowered unless they have the ability to generate the money they need to live.

We see the small business sector, incorporating NGOs and community-based projects, as the ideal vehicle for the sustainable empowerment of people.


Building a Better South Africa

Fetola provides simple and proven solutions for companies wanting to contribute to a better South Africa, whilst supporting and enhancing their own growth. Our BB-BEE, ED and supply chain, SED and Youth solutions are designed to create lasting results for the country, and for your business.

Incubator Blueprint

Our proven solutions in SME development are now available to clients establishing or wanting to enhance the performance of their SMME and SME incubators. Contact us for a free preview or to learn more.

PR, Media & Sponsorship Opportunities

CEOs and CFOs demand tangible return on investment when justifying expenditure, and increasingly this demand is crossing into the social and transformation agenda as well. Fetola provides ROI and Social ROI for clients via our well developed PR and Media offerings, and added-value Sponsorship solutions for clients wanting to access Youth and SME audiences.

SME Solutions

Our small business support programmes like Legends are recognized for moving participants to new and sustainable levels of success, while our youth-focused projects like GAP (www.gogap.co.za) make a significant difference to social and economic development in South Africa. Watch this space for our online Mentor Hotline, coming soon.

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