Rejanala Farmers enjoy their harvest.

Rejanala Farms


When Francis Mande and his wife, Kelebogile, visited Merino, her hometown village in Thaba Nchu, they realised that the community was living in total despair. What shocked Francis the most, was that they were surrounded by vast amounts of land but no one was using it. He says he was then inspired to help the community of Merino to uplift itself and change their hopeless mentality.

It was difficult at first, as they were met with challenges. “The main goal was to implement change, to tell people they could do it themselves, to empower them to not always depend on the government to come through,” says Mande. What saddened him was that the community did not seem to have any knowledge about agriculture, as most of them do not even have a vegetable garden in their huge backyards.

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